For payment of concrete constructions, multiple and simple use

Wood pellets

  • Pellet is a fuel made of pressed wood mass, which is considered to be the cleanest fuel for everyday use, completely harmless to human health.
  • It is made of 100% wood and is therefore denser and heavier, which results in slower and more even combustion, making it a very efficient fuel.
  • Pellets have the best ratio of calorific value, utilization and price in relation to other solid fuels, gas and electricity.
  • It is packed in bags of 15 kg, and a pallet of 1000 kg.

Wooden formwork

  • The boards are made of three glued waterproof layers of spruce or fir wood: the outer layers are composed of lamella glued lamellas, laid longitudinally, the middle layer is composed of transversely laid planks framed by longitudinal and front finishing slats.
  • Quality of surface gluing AW 100 (DIN 68 705), quality of the whole board according to the standard öN B 3023 ..
  • The slabs are protected with hot melamine resin (they are not accepted on concrete).
  • Three-layer gluing reduces the action of the board to a minimum.
  • Edge protection - facade acrylic paint.
  • High bending moment.

Structural panels

  • The single-layer solid board has the best preconditions for high-quality further processing. This glued wood panel consists of continuous - longitudinally oaral - solid pieces of the same type of wood, glued together without gaps.
  • The multilayer solid board consists of three layers, and they consist of interconnected wooden slats. Both protective layers are placed at right angles to the orientation of the fibers and glued together with them. Transverse bonding of plate elemeates causes reduced swelling and shrinkage of the material.