Single-layer and 3-layer solid coniferous boards

Multiple advantages

Whether it is for indoor use, furniture finishing or application for wooden structures. Single-layer, 3-layer and multi-layer solid wood panels can be easily further processed and meet all visual and technical requirements.

  • The single-layer solid board has the best preconditions for high-quality further processing. This glued wood panel consists of continuous - longitudinally oaral - solid pieces of the same type of wood, glued together without gaps.
  • The multilayer solid board consists of three layers, and they consist of interconnected wooden slats. Both protective layers are placed at right angles to the orientation of the fibers and glued together with them. Transverse bonding of plate elemeates causes reduced swelling and shrinkage of the material.
  • The character of the tree is retained
  • Absolutely natural material
  • Excellent stability
  • Bending strength
  • High preservation of the surface layer
  • Easy surface and edge treatment by milling, varnishing and the like
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to the large format
  • Good insulating properties